Who We are

The staff at Life Connection Church has a passion to reach lost and unchurched people in our community. We believe that we serve a God of excellence and we should lead with excellence in everything we do.   

If you see us around the church, make sure to meet us when you have an opportunity. 

The Council of Elders is a group of eight men who have been appointed to work with the staff in the position of overseer after meeting the qualifications mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:1-16.  

At LCC, Elders provide support to the staff through prayer, wisdom, understanding

  • Royal Farris

    Lead Pastor

    Royal, his wife Lisa, and a small group of people began Life Connection Church in 2001. "I found, as a professional counselor, that if I could help people get connected to God and people it would change their lives for the better. At LCC we practice being God's love with skin to each other and to our community." 

     "I also discovered that the answers to all of life's problems could be found in the Bible. So I teach the Bible as It applies to our everyday lives."

    Royal is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor's  in Business and a Masters of Education in Counseling. Before becoming a counselor and pastor, he spent 26 years in corporate America.

    Royal has been married to Lisa for 42 years. They have two children and six grandchildren.

  • Philip Pappas

    Worship Leader

  • Bailee Hale

    Children's Minister

  • Autumn Wilk

    Administrative Assistant


  • Cindy Carter

    Financial Assistant

  • Council of Elders

    Jonas Bergman

    James Cates

    Gary DeGeorge

    Nick Farris

    Vett Horst

    Dave Howe

    Bob RePass