Who We are

The staff at Life Connection Church has a passion to reach lost and unchurched people in our community. We believe that we serve a God of excellence and we should lead with excellence in everything we do.   

If you see us around the church, make sure to meet us when you have an opportunity. 

The Council of Elders is a group of eight men who have been appointed to work with the staff in the position of overseer after meeting the qualifications mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:1-16.  

At LCC, Elders provide support to the staff through prayer, wisdom, understanding

  • Royal Farris

    Lead Pastor

    I am a graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor's degree in Business and a Masters' degree of Education in Counseling. I found as a professional counselor that if I could help people get connected to God, it would change their lives for the better. At LCC, we practice being God's love with skin. We can show Christs' love to one another and to our community. 

    I also discovered during my time as a counselor, that the answers to all of life's problems could be found in the Bible. So I teach the Bible as it applies to our everyday lives. 

    My wife, Lisa, myself, and a small group of people began Life Connection Church in 2001. Lisa and I have been married for 45+ years. We love to spend time with our two children and six grandchildren. 


  • Lisa Farris

    Operations Manager

    My husband, Royal, and I founded Life Connection church in 2001. For the first 6 years, I was the Children's Minister. WIth my 15 years of experience in elementary schools as a PE teacher, it was a natural transition for me. 

    When I'm not at church, I enjoy gardening, playing with my grandkids, and riding the motorcycle with Royal. A fun fact about myself is that I was an All State fastpitch softball player and MVP in the Texas state championship in high school.


  • Philip Pappas

    Worship Leader

    I love leading people to Jesus in worship here at LCC.  I've led worship in various churches since I was 16. It's an awesome and life-changing experience when I see people engaging in worship.

    My wife and I have been married for over 10 years and we have two beautiful children together.


  • Logan and Mara Daley

    Children's & Youth Pastor

    Logan- I served as a full time missionary in South Africa for 6 years, worked in local high schools and primary schools leading discipleship programs and camps. I graduated in May 2023 from ORU with a Bachelor's in Ministry Leadership with a focus in outreach and evangelism. I currently work in construction as a shop/parts manager and mechanic but dream of opening my own church camp one day. 

    I love hunting, camping, and working out. As long as I am being active and outdoors, I am perfectly happy. I love home cooked meals, steak, and venison. An interesting fact about me is I have been to the highest point on a mountain in South Africa. 

    Mara- After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Social Work, I served with Impact Africa. I moved back to Texas in 2021 and was working as a Registered Behavioral Therapist for kids with Autism, I am currently working as a Clinical Admissions Associate.

    I love to pamper my 100+ houseplants and educate others on plant care. My favorite foods are steak, venison, mac n cheese, and tacos! When I lived in Michigan, I trained llamas which inspired my dream to one day own a llama therapy farm for kids with disabilities. 


  • Miranda Maples

    I am thrilled to find a new career path which involves my two passions in life, children and Jesus! Before coming to LCC, I taught in Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD for 11 years. I feel that the skills and lessons I learned as a classroom teacher will serve me well in the new role I will now be playing.

    I have the most supportive and loving husband, Johnny, who is also a teacher. He has been teaching elementary music in Arlington ISD for over 15 years. Together we have three beautiful girls, Adeline, Lorelei, and Annabelle. As you can imagine, we stay very busy with a newborn, 1, and 3 year old. We love to spend time together and create new family memories. 

    When I do find spare time, I love to craft. I come from a long line of creative women, so it's in my bones to create. 


  • Council of Elders

    Jonas Bergman

    James Cates

    Gary DeGeorge

    Nick Farris

    Vett Horst

    Dave Howe

    Bob RePass