Why is connecting important?

God tells us that we Are built for Relationships.  He told the first man that the creation was not good until he created a woman.  Since the beginning, human beings hunger for connection.

At LCC, we have many places for People to connect.  

We recommend you start with our Newcomers Luncheon

we hold the 2nd Sunday of every month.  

From there, we can put you in a place to serve, or a bible study

and life group where you can

meet people you can share life together.

The Christian Life was never meant to be a "Lone Ranger" style of living. Our lives should be connected to things

that give us joy, KNOWLEDGE and Love.

If you're going to a church, but not serving or attending events, 

you're not getting your need for connection met.  

Join us at LCC for true and real Connection.